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'Edo' [userpic]
by 'Edo' (dark_angel952)
at June 9th, 2006 (03:17 pm)

Aru and I...I think we've found something...something IMPORTANT...not entirely sure how this all ties together, but...here's the conversation we just had...

O__________________________OCollapse )

After that point, she had to leave to go pack...but...make of this what you will...O____O

Aru [userpic]
...Just read it O.O
by Aru (shadow_neko14)
at April 19th, 2006 (03:39 pm)

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...I was watching FMA today, and thinking about religious things at the same time... As I watched and watched, the more confusing it became... How the heck was Mustang so... ACCURATE with all this?

Well, I REALLY doubt this is the truth. BUT, if it is, I wouldn't be the least surprised...

Well, my thoughts passed by the concept of the Bible... How exactly was it written? Well, God 'spoke' to them, and they wrote down his words... Which sounds a little... wierd... But go to my church and they'll COMPLETELY convince you its true >> Seriousy... That church is like... O.o They convinced me on Easter that the whole thing was true (they used hard core facts, completely stayed away from any 'faith', in fact, they used information non-believers stated O.O)... Which depressed me to no end, because... Well, he didn't forgive us even then... But I'm VERY off topic >>

Well... Sure, Mustang could of gotten so far with memories she still had with her (gah, gender thing again x_x)... But maybe a certain evil God helped her with the rest when it came to the anime? Why would he want to do that though? Hes looking for any way to torture us it seems... Why not bring back ALL that pain?

But... good also came out of it... Sooooo... I dunno x_x This sounds totally insane I know... But... think about it... But, in the end, more good came out of knowing who we really were... I'm so confused x_x Thoughts?


'Edo' [userpic]
This CANNOT be good...(x-posted from my journal)
by 'Edo' (dark_angel952)
at April 6th, 2006 (12:00 pm)

current mood: panicked

Okay...I woke up this morning, and logged on to GZ. When I looked at the Cbox, I saw this:

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Naturally...I panicked a little, given how my imagination can be. However, I regained my composure, and went into the ACP for the Cbox, and got this person's IP address.

Next thing I did was go to arin.net and look him/her up...and what I found disturbed me to no end...

The following has been copied from that page:

OrgName: State of Maryland
Address: 45 Calvert Street
City: Annapolis
StateProv: MD
PostalCode: 21401
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetHandle: NET-167-102-0-0-1
Parent: NET-167-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
RegDate: 1993-05-27
Updated: 2005-02-25

There's a lot more after that, but...point is, the fact that whoever threatened me is from Maryland...that scares me.

Now...what with my evil, paranoid imagination and all, I started to actually fear Trisha (I'm REALLY, REALLY sorry...it wasn't me, it was my evil imagination...-whacks self upside head-), but I KNEW that wasn't what was going on, so I checked the member database on GZ to prove it.

I was right...when I searched by that IP address, AND when I searched by the first two octets, no one showed up. Finally, I searched for everyone I suspected even somewhat by username...nothing matched.

Then, my imagination smacked me in the face again...but this time, it really has me worried. What if whoever that is...was actually the creep who was stalking Trisha? The fact that he was there last night doesn't exactly make things better...and what does he mean by "you're next?" Could that mean he's already...I can't say it!

Trisha...if you're reading this...PLEASE reply...

copper_image [userpic]
Just Another Theory
by copper_image (copper_image)
at March 4th, 2006 (01:47 am)

Ah.. just last night, I was thinking about something... and it occurred to me...

WWI was started in 1914, originally started in Europe. Well, Al was the Philosopher's Stone at that time... correct? Al also regained his human body, and the stone was lost. How does this all connect?

*starts to sound crazy here*

What if certain surviving homunculi, or even *shudders* new homunculi... still wanted to become human? They might be so desperate as to once more create another Philosopher's Stone. If they somehow had a way to use human lives from the other side of the gate to create it, they wouldn't be stopped by anyone in their world, but could still gain the stone.

Craziness, eh?

So sue me OxO *shot*

copper_image [userpic]
This Really Can't Be Good..
by copper_image (copper_image)
at February 11th, 2006 (07:16 pm)

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Okay... Edo dissapeared from GZ without saying anything... and it's REALLY making me nervous. Especially after what happend with Aru.. and.. right now, my head and chest hurt badly.. and my right elbow too.. not to mention my neck. Ugh.. I feel like I've been stabbed through the head by Lust T_T

But... anyways... something that happend last night... I can't type it all up in detail.. but.. basically what happend was that man.. that man with the black hat, purple eyes, and suck.. he was off on the side of a road, walking away with a smirk on his face from a bloody heap.. and the snow started to cover it up slowly.

Why is that so bad, you ask? Because it's snowing hard at the moment... and even though 'he' hasn't come around yet, it still.. REALLY REALLY makes me nervous...

[[That was in a dream x.x Not in real life >< Sorries]]

Aru [userpic]
by Aru (shadow_neko14)
at February 6th, 2006 (12:41 pm)

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Hello and welcome to 'Reality_Benders', the place to post all strange occurings and challenge all reality has to offer. If you have a 'crazy' story or have gone through any 'impossible' encounters, here is the place to post them. Don't worry about craziness. Lately, its lost its meaning.

And please refrain from commenting if you have a problem with what people are posting. Do not insult any of the club's theories or facts, claiming them impossible or insane. If you do so, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. If you want to think of it as 'crazy', fine... Just don't say anything, move on and leave this place alone..

:The Community Team:

:Community Updates:
-Theories discovery - by dark-angel952 - 2/7/06: Check out her post
-New chat box! - by Shadow_neko14 and dark-angel952 - 2/8/06: Next chat box to talk about stuff. If it asks you for a password, just ask me abd I'll give it to you
-Strange 'vision' - by Shadow_neko14 - 2/11/06: Check out post

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